5 Effective Ways to Track iPhone Without Them Knowing

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Ever wondered why your teenage children spend most of their time on smartphones? Why are they not giving more family time? Or is your spouse more interested in his/her smartphone than you? Are you not happy with his/her behavior?

If there is no other answer but a ‘Yes,’ then it’s time to take an action and check what is taking most of their time. It is important to find out an effective way to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing. It’s not necessary that you will always be right for your instincts, so it’s better to avoid any judgement before knowing what is going on. It’s all about an iOS tracking that focuses on all activities the person is doing from the phone.

However, be certain that if the person finds out you are spying, he/she can sue you according to the local laws and regulations. So now, let’s explore how you can spy on someone without making them feel that they are being watched.


Spyine is one of the top methods to enter someone else’s iPhone or iPad secretly. It enables the user to access the phone remotely without even downloading the software. It only takes a few minutes and then, the person’s location is revealed.


How It Works?

To track an iPhone like a pro on Spyine, you will need to have a paid Spyine account (so you can have access to the control panel and opportunity to utilize the tracking features) along with the username and password of the target’s iCloud.

Once you meet these requirements, you will be good to go to sign up for its free account but, to enjoy its major features, you will have to subscribe to the monthly package.

There will be a confirmation email on your email along with the call to action button, stating ‘Start Monitoring.’ As Spyine’s site opens, you will have to enter the target phone’s name followed by the iOS (iCloud) to let it know which mobile has to be tracked. Make sure that iCloud backup is activated on that phone while 2-factor authentication isn’t at work.

This way, there won’t be any jailbreak during your tracking. Once done, you are ready to spy the target iPhone- all you have to do is to start Spyine so that it can sync with servers and give access to its control panel from anywhere you want.

What’s the Difference?

There are many mobile phone monitoring applications that need users to jailbreak or root the target gadget. But for Spyine, it has got an amazing monitoring service without the need to jailbreak or root.  It gives easy access to the person’s private data, thereby letting the user know what is happening.


If you doubt any of your relationships like employees, parents or anyone, Spyier should be your choice to keep an eye on them. It helps to monitor social media activities, locations, call logs, videos, messages, photos and many more.

How It Works?

Get a paid Spyier account and fetch the username and password of the iPhone you want to track. Now create an account and monitor with the help of its control panel.

Here, the thing to mention is that you will have to subscribe to Spyier’s premium membership by paying the fee.

The rest of the installation procedure is similar as that of Spyine. So, you shouldn’t be facing a hard time getting access of Spyier’s control panel.

What’s the Difference?

Spyier has got its hands on tracking iPhone at anywhere you want. It just needs to have basic information about the target phone and it will start working accordingly.

The best part is that it doesn’t need users to jailbreak or root the target device, thereby making it easy to track whoever they want.


Referred to as a stealthy iPad and iPhone spy application, Minspy can be a good investment to keep an eye on a person.

It only takes a few minutes to set up Minspy; once done, it gives access to more than 12 incredible monitoring features that keeps the users hidden no matter who they are tracking.

How It Works?

Minspy requires the users to get a paid account in order to access the control panel and other features.  However, when it comes to tracking an iPhone secretly, it only needs basic account information i.e. username and password to direct Minspy to trace where the mobile is.

To create an account on Minspy, click on the ‘Sign-Up Free’ button followed by subscribing to its premium package in order to avail a variety of features.

Start monitoring by going to the Setup Wizard page in order to enter details of the target device. Make sure that you meet all requirements.

What’s the Difference?

Since it is a web application, users can easily run it from any web browser with the help of its personalized dashboard.

As for secret iPhone monitoring, Minspy incorporates a modern stealth design that is almost impossible to track, no matter if it is an Android or iPhone.


As the iPhone following arrangement, Spyic prides itself for being one of the worthiest sources to track a phone. It has been highlighted on top news platforms like TechRadar, Forbes, PCMag and the likes.

How It Works?

The installation process of Spyic is quite simple. Users will start by getting a premium account where you will be entering an iCloud account ID along with a password. Know the requirements for subscription and proceed accordingly.

What’s the Difference?

Spyic is particularly designed for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids. They can protect them from cyberbullying, online predators, pornography and various other threats.  It allows users to monitor and save social activities, messages, call logs and other data.


Cocospy is another web application that can track an iPhone without being installed in the target phone. It brings a lot of convenience and ease no matter where the person is. You could also view more info about tracking iPhone on Neatspy.

How It Works?

Since Cocospy is designed to facilitate customers, there is no complication in using it. It requires users to get a premium account and learn how to use the Setup Wizard in order to derive benefits as needed.

The rest of the installation process is similar as that of other trackers.

What’s the Difference?

Cocospy is an efficient way to trace teenage kids, employees, spouses or a loved one with a lot of ease. It has turned out to be one of the ideal resources to track iPhone activities.

It has got amazing features that have made it worthy of discussion on famous platforms like Forbes, the New York Times and Tom’s Guide.


When it comes to declaring any of the above effective ways to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing, it’s almost impossible since it depends upon the purpose of why you want to track the iPhone.

Remember that you cannot use all at one time and so, you will have to figure out which one will serve your needs.

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