Tips to outsource mobile app development in Vietnam

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The benefits of mobile application development are indisputable for many businesses as it can provide broad access to new customers and markets as well as give businesses the opportunity to increase sales and efficiency.

There are two ways to develop a mobile app, the first one is by an in-house team, the other is by outsourcing team development. For some companies, outsourcing is the best solution as outsourcing also lets businesses gain access to highly skilled employees from whom in-house employees may learn new things and best practices.

In some cases, outsourcing is the best solution for businesses to access highly skilled employees

In some cases, outsourcing is the best solution for businesses to access highly skilled employees.

Selecting the right mobile app development outsourcing partner contributes to 50 percent of the success of your business because it is the core team creating your final product.

Today, Vietnam is the top software development outsourcing destination in the world, that is why the blog today suggests the tips to outsource mobile app development in Vietnam.

Tips to outsource mobile app development in Vietnam

Capacity and experience

Partnering with one of the top mobile app development companies in Vietnam doesn’t mean you will get the best results. Each app builder with the ability to develop apps for a specific platform or use particular technology can provide better quality and better insights into the services.

You can find many developers who are good at coding, but they need to have a good experience in the kinds of applications you want to do. Furthermore, they can give advice about the essential features of your application.

An important reason to choose an experienced company is that they are capable of facing and solving challenges related to the development process. It ensures that the mobile app development team can smoothly handle the problem to provide you with the best services.

Check the portfolio

Checking portfolio is important for choosing a mobile app development partner

Checking portfolio is important for choosing a mobile app development partner

Each mobile application development outsourcing company has a portfolio in which the projects have been implemented by themselves. We encourage you to access and take a look at these products that are made for their customers. This is an important factor to consider for choosing a reliable mobile app development services provider.

Choosing an experienced mobile application development services provider and having rich portfolios of the application are really good. They have good UI/ UX development and user-friendly applications.

Besides, you could check the quality of the apps they developed and consider whether they meet well with the market demands. If their company had developed successful apps they would have provided a similar quality app for your company.

Customer feedback

You can rate the expertise and quality of a mobile application development company through customer testimonials. Every good mobile app company gets a lot of good feedback from their customers. Therefore, visit and see the reviews that your partner customers have left.

If the software development company does not share the contact details of their previous customers, you should ask them. They should be willing to share their past customer information so that you have a clear picture of their experience.

Alternatively, you can contact their previous clients to see how they feel about the partner you have chosen such as quality of work, attitude, etc. This is one of the best ways to learn about performance. partner force.

Data security

Don't miss to check the data security of mobile app development provider 

Don’t miss to check the data security of mobile app development provider

Security concerns like unsafe deployment, unsafe storage, system data leaks and privacy breaches, can negatively impact your app’s reputation. Therefore, data security is an important element in choosing a mobile app development company.

While many companies claim to provide a secure application development process, you should ensure your partner understands the value of your data and take creative actions to secure it.

Furthermore, they must provide a layered security solution to secure your data from various mobile threats such as insecure data storage, device and user authentication, software program Malicious, insufficient cryptography, SMS based attacks, etc.

Technical support and maintenance services

Last but not least, technical support and maintenance services are elements that you should consider in choosing a reputable mobile app development partner. If your app is on the Apple Store or Play Store, you’ll need to update your mobile app multiple times based on user feedback or fix some bugs in the app.

Besides, your app will need timely updates, maintenance, bug fixes, app version updates and new features you want to add to your app. Therefore, it is important to hire a mobile app company that provides technical support and maintenance services after launching a successful product. Check out how long they offer the service for free and how much they charge thereafter to prepare the right budget.


The offshore mobile app development may be a great solution for businesses. However, it also includes many risks for which you have to be better prepared before starting a project. Finding a dedicated, trustworthy team that works well with them can be a big challenge for business owners.

Via this blog, we hope you can get the idea and understand the way to outsource mobile app development companies in Vietnam and also in the software outsourcing market in general.

If you are looking for Outsourcing Mobile App Development in Vietnam to provide solutions for your companies, we’re happy to grant our services. Contact experts at Innotech Vietnam for any questions about Mobile App Development!



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