10 Blogs Around the World That Will Inspire Your Life

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The digital world is flooded with bloggers who express their views on various topics through their writing skills. 

We know most influencers as bloggers who further developed their profiles by creating vlogs and other digital channels to improve their earnings. There are multiple inspirational and motivational blogs in the market, from fashion to food. 

These interesting bloggers have improved their fan base based on their writing style and personal attitude toward each topic. Some even move forward and share their experience with the world to offer inspiration for your success in life. 

Who Are the Top 10 Bloggers That Will Inspire Your Life?

There are a variety of bloggers available in the market. Among them, few like Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, Timothy Sykes, Perez Hilton, and others have gained massive popularity. 

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1. The Huffington Post by Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is one of the highest-paid bloggers globally. She receives her payments through constant advertisements established on the banner of her blog. 

Arianna initially started a blog named The Huffington post, which she later altered to Huffpost in 2017. She introduced the new concept of changing your life one night at a time through the idea of a sleep revolution. 

The blogger has built a perfect empire through her digital media presence, influence, and books. 

2. Life Hacks by Leon Ho

Life Hacks blog is for people who replaced their interest in life with a routine job to earn money. Leon Ho is a software engineer turned blogger who used his life knowledge to motivate people to manage their busy schedules. He provides you with many strategies and techniques to make time efficiently to focus on your interest. 

3. SEOmoz by Rand Fishkin

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing concept, and Rand Fishkin’s blog offers you many SEO consulting services. Recently, he has concentrated on creating advanced SEO-based software and providing education-based sources for new learners. SEO is the future key to success in the digital world, and his blog can be informative and useful for new learners.

4. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income or SPI is a blog that offers you a space to learn and train with the resources to promote your online business platforms. It provides a self-sustaining ecosystem that allows you to understand the concept of online businesses through podcasts, content articles, classes, popular publications, and so on. This blog is a boon for most newbies entering the world of online businesses. 

5. Copyblogger by Brian Clark

Copyblogger focuses on teaching and emphasizing points that might create more future writers in society. It offers a variety of articles that focus on teaching the art of writing. 

Along with the blogs, this website also provides content writing and SEO marketing services you can use for creating your blogs. 

6. TMZ by Harvey Levin

If you are a gossiper who loves to learn about current celebrities, TMZ is the best way to know about them. Started by Harvey Levin, this is all about the latest celebrity gossip and information. Along with the website, they have spread their wings across the globe as a live channel and application. 

7. The Dish Daily by Andrew Sullivan

The Dish Daily is an independent website by Andrew Sullivan that earns money by receiving payments from global readers. This blog later teamed up with other expert interns to increase the content range and criteria. 

Its blog offers a lot of content ranging from politics to finance. Even though Andrew Sullivan posts very few blogs from his side, this blog is informative in its way through authentic news on global developments. 

8. Miss Style Fiesta by Masoom Minawala Mehta

Masoom Minawala is a fashion blogger and entrepreneur who has combined herself with multiple international products representing the trend in the fashion industry. She gained a whooping follower range of 1.1 million by 2010. She also has her own YouTube platform. She posts her content through videos. Most content nowadays focuses on popular fashion, women’s empowerment, support groups, and others. 

9. I am a food blog by Mike and Steph

If you are a food lover, this “I am a food “blog is for you. Many blogs in the market offer you local and international food recipes. Gorgeous images that provoke you to try the recipe yourself accompany these recipes. Both husband and wife write this blog focusing on international recipes and also have some blogs on travel. This blog can be your blog for famous recipes like beef Wellington and Chinese takeouts. 

10. Nomadic Matt by Nomadic Matt

Have you ever been worried about traveling to unknown places without understanding their culture and other details? You can visit the Nomadic Matt blog for travel tips and tricks. These tricks can help you reduce the budget and understand the place you’re seeing. This blogger also has written some books on traveling that you can purchase from his website. Now you can create your checklist and travel with ease. 


All these blogs have their own set of agendas in terms of genres, advertisements, promotions, and content. 

A digital medium is a powerful tool today that enables people to earn income and popularity through content creation. You can follow these bloggers and influencers to understand the trend and get inspired by their content. 

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