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It is time to get to know more about multiple amazing places on our planet. Moreover, considering the fact that the travel process in the 21st century is not just interesting; it could be simple and comfortable. Of course, the safety and comfort of your journey depend on your approach to the preparation stage. Fortunately, this phase has become much easier with 2Markers.

The online service 2Markers was created to help travelers to map out their routes. 2Markers is a unique platform, which allows us to find out the distance between any cities and countries. The platform frees you from outmoded methods of planning the journey route like manual route laying, exploring the map, looking for the best roads, time and mileage calculating.

2Markers provides the service, which unites all mentioned processes, which are necessary for the quality journey preparation. What is more, this online service allows getting necessary results much faster than if you decide to do everything manually.

What Does 2Markers Offer?

The main task of the service provided by 2Markers is the determination of the distance and road time. The calculation process requires only a couple of seconds. You can define the distance from anywhere you want to any location in the world. So, 2Markers can determine for you the distance from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh as well as from Vietnam to France.

What is more, it is even possible to define through what locations you want to go through on your way to the destination.

In addition to the distance length between two locations, 2Markers provides the following information about the chosen route:

  • The safest route on the world map
  • Distance by different vehicles including train, plane, car, and even bicycle
  • Road time
  • Direction of movement
  • Difference in time
  • The list of interesting facts about your route and chosen locations (left- or right-hand traffic, population of the city, etc.)
  • The total journey cost
  • Detailed navigation plan


2Markers is an international platform, so, it is accessible for users from all over the world. The service is available in multiple languages including Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and others. Just select a wanted language on the official web page.

The platform functions 24/7, so, you can find out all the necessary information for your travel anytime you need.  2Markers always provides accurate calculations for your comfort. What is more, the platform constantly checks the available information about routes to give you only up-to-date information.

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