What trading instruments does the Metadoro service offer its clients?

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The list of available trading instruments can be called one of the most critical options in the trading conditions offered by any company. The more exhaustive a trading list of contracts and assets is, the easier it is for traders to implement their strategies and look for new opportunities. We will consider the list of trading tools offered by Metadoro and tell you about the features of every category.

Currency market in Metadoro

The currency sector is traditionally interesting for traders, but the mobility of currency pairs has noticeably decreased in recent years. The volatility increases during periods of instability and changes in the policy of central banks because these processes are cyclical. It applies to both major world currencies and currencies of developing countries. These assets are available in Metadoro:

  1. Currency pairs of main reserve currencies with the dollar (majors).
  2. Cross pairs of different currencies.
  3. Pairs with exotic currencies.

We can say that the list of available currency pairs meets industry standards and has no special features. The company offers what traders are interested in — the interests of retail traders have been well studied over the many years of the foreign exchange market existence.

CFD contracts

It is a rather extensive category of trading instruments that is actively developing. The company offers more than 1,000 CFDs on various assets. We are going to discuss them below.

Briefly about CFDs. It is a contract for the difference in the value of the basic asset, which assumes a simplified trading scheme for well-known instruments within one company. Let’s list the main categories of contracts in Metadoro.

Stock sector

The company offers to trade stock market instruments, which are used both for speculation and investments:

  • Shares of the largest companies in the US, UK and EU.
  • Bonds.
  • ETFs.
  • Leading stock indices in the world.

You can trade the listed contracts both on investment and trading accounts.


Many traders are interested in digital assets. It is the most volatile category of instruments at the moment. Metadoro reviews note two points regarding the list of cryptocurrencies available for trading:

  • There are many coins with relatively small capitalization. Significant potential for changes in the value of such assets is implied.
  • There are no pairs with other currencies; they are available only in USD.

Raw materials and goods

Modern companies almost always offer customers popular products for trade and Metadoro is no exception. The list of such contracts includes:

  • Oil and gas.
  • Precious metals.
  • Non-ferrous metals.
  • Carbon dioxide emission rights.

Let’s highlight the variety — there are not only the usual gold and silver (paired with various currencies) among the precious metals but also palladium and platinum. They are only available in pairs with the dollar. As for carbon dioxide emission rights, they are relatively new and not the most popular category on the market. The situation may soon change significantly due to the «green» policy direction of the largest countries.

Metadoro reviews: what they say about the company’s trading tools

Metadoro is not a leader in the total number of trading instruments. But the company has not set such a goal for itself yet. New tools are added if needed and at customers’ requests. At the same time, traders write in their reviews about the presence of areas of interest — non-ferrous metals, bonds and not-very-popular cryptocurrencies. Summing up, we can say that the company offers at least a sufficient list of trading instruments, some of which are rare in the industry. 

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