Top 4 Reasons for the Popularity of the Nintendo Switch

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Gamers around the world, even those who use the large games library of Game Karma, have been looking forward to the release of the Japanese game console Nintendo Switch since the end of 2016. It was supposed to be a real sensation among gadgets. And it became!

The main idea of ​​creating the Nintendo Switch was to make a full-fledged desktop console mobile. And, judging by the numbers, the Japanese succeeded. In 2022, the number of units sold in the United States alone was about 106 million.

Initial Support for Cool Games

Gamers often face the problem: a new gadget has already been purchased, and the corresponding cool games for it will appear no earlier than a few months.

Nintendo has decided to change this sad tradition. The Switch console has already hit the market with a hit from the company – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and in just one month, the nostalgic game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe appeared. And that’s not counting the stacks of less popular toys. In general, by the summer of 2017, the list of supported games has exceeded two dozen, and it does not intend to stop there.

Quality Promo

In addition to the fact that the Switch has become a truly unique novelty, the company did not skimp on advertising. Just look at the first commercial, which immediately showed the main advantages of the new game.

In addition, the hype surrounding the Switch began to flare up six months before its official release – the “newcomer” grew more and more rumors, and users on the network did not stop discussing it. We can say that the combination of a new concept and competent marketing have done their job and nominated Nintendo Switch for the title of the best gadget of 2017 according to Time magazine.

Nintendo Fans Missed Solid Consoles

Don’t ignore the fact that Nintendo has its own fans who will continue to buy the company’s creations regardless of their success. They include those who want to immerse themselves in childhood, going through new levels of reissued old and good games, and those who expect from the new console something innovative and not like everywhere.

Nintendo’s fans have been looking forward to the release of the Switch as a breath of fresh air. And they waited. As practice shows us, it is not for nothing that they bet on it – the hybrid console was able to please many gamers around the world, allowing them to enjoy the gameplay and watching TV lying in bed and even just on the go.

Switch Combines the Best Features of Both Formats

In essence, the Nintendo Switch is a gaming tablet with a docking station that allows you to connect the device to a TV and two removable joysticks. This format allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay in both stationary and mobile formats without losing the same atmosphere for which we love such gadgets.

High-quality gameplay can accompany the player everywhere: on the go, on the road, in cafes, at work, and, of course, at home. Anywhere – with or without a large screen. In fact, this is one of the main advantages of the new generation of consoles from the Japanese gaming giant.

It is impossible to say that the Nintendo Switch competed with stationary consoles from, for example, Sony or Microsoft. But this console has taken its niche and has become a help for those who are not satisfied with the simple gameplay on smartphones and those who really care about portability “without loss,” especially with the possibility to connect the gadget to the big screen!


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