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The world that we live in has advanced to a great extent. Every now and then, new innovative ideas and technologies are being developed. All of this is for the sake of our ease. And living in such a world requires us to be more forward looking and radical.

Advances and enhancements are being made in almost all areas. Our communication and interaction with the rest of the world is of considerable importance. Hence the communication world has also changed significantly over the recent years and has expanded largely for our convenience.

When we talk about different communication media, fax is one of the very old and widely used method for official communications. Faxing is used by millions today as it is amongst the most secure and reliable methods.

Along with its incredible security pros, fax also has some drawbacks. Back when the internet was new and not available everywhere, faxing documents was quite a hassle. Both the sending and receiving places required fax machines, phone lines, paper, toner and many other hardware.

But this is not the case now. With Internet taking over the world, faxing has become much easier and less complicated. Various online techniques have been introduced to send and receive faxes from all around. One of the most common is sending and receiving faxes through online fax service providers.


With every ease, there comes a hindrance too. This is also the case with online fax service. The obstacle to safe faxing is choosing the best option of third party online fax services. Quality is hugely preferred over quantity. And that is why picking out the most reliable fax service is the key to safe faxing..

But don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Here, we will guide you about the best and quality online fax service and also take you through the methods and ways to use it step by step.


A brand that is reliable and well-reputed in the faxing world is CocoFax. The mighty ‘CocoFax’ has earned its name in the industry due to its incredible and unique services. It has also reaped attention and recognition of some of the world’s largest parties like Forbes, New York Times, PC World, iGeeksBlog, CNET, PCMag and many more.

With millions of users all over the world, CocoFax provides some exceptional and secure features which make it distinctive from other challengers. So, with CocoFax, you are in safe hands..

It also offers its wide range of service packages on a variety of devices. For the ease and comfort of its users, CocoFax has expanded its area of work. From PCs, laptops to your tablets, MacBooks and even smartphones, CocoFax works on all these devices. 

Facilities provided by CocoFax

  • Talking about secure faxing, the safety provided by CocoFax is second to none. It is one of its most prominent features and is the reason for its tremendous liking and reputation. In a world ruled by internet and hacking, CocoFax has made it possible that there is absolutely no data breach of the user’s documents.
  • Furthermore, upon registering to CocoFax, you are given the opportunity to avail a wonderful 30 day free trial. This way, you can explore the world of CocoFax very well and totally free of cost. And it also helps in making the best pick of the subscription plan at the end of this trial period.
  • Besides being a very secure, reliable online fax service and providing fax solutions on computers, CocoFax also has a special feature that enables you to send and receive faxes even through your smartphones. This makes CocoFax a complete and all-in-one faxing platform facilitating people all around.


Free Fax Number

Yes, totally free fax numbers. CocoFax has it all, from being the most secure online fax service to offering free of cost fax numbers. Online faxing requires a fax number which Cocofax provides its users without any payment. 

This feature is worth mentioning as it has attracted people all around. But this free fax number is only for some period of time after which you have to subscribe using one of the subscription plans offered by CocoFax.

Also, CocoFax has provided its users with the comfort of custom fax numbers. Yes, CocoFax itself does not provide any fax number rather it allows its users to make and choose their own fax number. This is the best part as you do not have to go through the hassle of remembering the one provided by the company and can use the one which is easy for you to remember and use.

Faxing through Gmail with CocoFax

CocoFax delivers faxing services through many different ways. With this amazing brand, you can send and receive faxes through your web browsers, your Gmail accounts and also through your CocoFax account. 

Here we will be talking about how CocoFax allows you to easily send a fax through Gmail. The process is very similar to sending a regular mail. 


Fax to email service of CocoFax is very fast, reliable and secure. You can send and receive faxes through your Gmail id or any other email client in seconds. 

CocoFax offers a very simple and easy way to fax through Gmail. There is no complicated procedure, just some simple steps. Follow my lead and I will take you through these steps.

Step 1: Sign-up Free

Using CocoFax requires having a CocoFax account. So, first you need to register yourself on CocoFax. For the purpose, all you need to do is open the CocoFax official website and follow the plain steps of sign-up procedure. You don’t have to provide any credit card details as the 30 day free trial is totally free of cost.

Benefit from the custom fax number feature and make your personal fax number. Provide them with your name and email address that will be associated to your CocoFax address. 


Step 2: Attach Fax document

Now that you have signed up and are a CocoFax account holder, you can freely avail the fax to email service of CocoFax. Next, you need to open the Gmail client or any email client on your device and click on the ‘compose email’ button. 

Once the composing window opens, fill in the ‘To’ field which will have the fax address of the person you’re sending your fax to. There can be more than one fax addresses, all of them separated by commas. A fax address looks like this , fax number of the receiving person followed by ‘’.

Next comes, the email body and ‘Subject’ parts. These two fields are optional, they can be left empty. Your fax, having extensions like doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg and png, will be attached as an attachment with the email.


Step 3: Send your Fax

After completing the above steps, reassess your mail. If there is no problem, click on ‘Send’ button. Your email will be converted to a fax document and will be sent to the receiving person in seconds by CocoFax. 

If there is no problem on the other end, your fax will be safely delivered. Problems like slow internet connection, or even no internet on the other end might affect the safe delivery of your fax documents.


Follow all these steps and you’re ready to go.


Wrapping it all up, I hope I have done justice to the excellent features of CocoFax. It is a fax service provider that is a one-stop solution for all your faxing problems. You will definitely have a pleasant experience using CocoFax and will never regret using it.


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