Prepaid card: How is it different from a debit card

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Today, financial institutions offer consumers a wide range of bank cards: credit, debit, overdraft, prepaid, plastic and virtual. Below in the article, WestStein service experts shared their opinion on why a prepaid card is needed, how it differs from a debit card, and how to order a Mastercard prepaid card in just a couple of clicks.

Note that new customers of our service can apply for a virtual card at any time: it is enough to have only access to the Internet, as well as a few free minutes. We, in turn, guarantee assistance at each stage of registration. A qualified manager will tell you what steps should be taken and will be able to coordinate the actions of the client at his request.

WestStein Prepaid Card: Key Benefits

The main difference between a prepaid carrier and a debit carrier is autonomy and confidentiality. A prepaid card is not linked to your main bank account and is intended not for storage, but for spending money.

Its convenience lies in a fixed limit on purchases and the absence of a credit part – so its holder does not spend more than he wanted. Experts recommend replenishing such “plastic” immediately before shopping, in order to avoid force majeure situations.

At the same time, a free online account is protected no worse than any bank account. Its holder can freely implement monetary transactions, make international transfers, receive wages in foreign currency (euro) and control all monetary manipulations.

How to shop online quickly and safely?

A virtual card from WestStein is a super convenient and profitable tool for online shopping. Its main advantage is the protection of consumer personal data. With such a digital media, you do not have to enter details on every web page, it is best to register it in Google e-wallets, Apple Pay. In addition, they can be used to pay in real stores where the corresponding POS-terminals are installed.

Each client must independently take care of the security of the account, which is why it is recommended not to disclose personal information to third parties, never give the card to strangers, withdraw cash only from serviceable ATMs and not accept assistance in such situations.

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