How to Find Someone’s Location Within Minutes

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Finding someone’s location is not that easy, especially in these times when people are extra protective of their privacy. But tracking or finding someone’s location becomes a dire need at some times and you start finding ways to do that.

So, how do you find someone’s location within minutes? is it even possible? Yes, with the solution that we are going to tell you, it is not only possible but also quite convenient. So let us start with it.

ClickFree – Find Somebody’s Location Instantly

ClickFree is an amazing checking application with cutting edge area following. You can easily track cell phone by using ClickFree. It has a set of amazing features that make it stand out from the rest and proudly be the world’s number one phone location tracker.

Being the best tracking app, ClickFree is immensely used in all parts of the world. People utilize it to keep an eye on their loved ones’ locations and to ensure their safety. Parents might want to know the whereabouts of their children and some people might just want to keep an eye on their partners.

The application shows up on top news on the web, including Forbes, BBC, Android Authority, and The New York Times. Over a million people overall utilize the application for the area following.

ClickFree has a huge pack of amazing features that will totally surprise you. You can visit the ClickFree official site to know all about it as it is not just a location tracking service but much more. Here, in this guide, we will only be talking about its location tracking highlights.

Amazing Location Tracking Services

How to Find Someone’s Location

ClickFree offers a huge number of area following highlights. The application will permit you to follow your objective person continuously. Here is a portion of the top SIM card and area following highlights offered by ClickFree.

Track present(live) area: You can follow your objective’s area on a virtual guide. You can see the location, road name, neighborhood, and city data. The timestamp will mention to you what time they visited that particular place.

SIM Card tracker: ClickFree will follow the objective person’s SIM card and you will also be able to see data that is linked to the SIM like their IMEI number. This can be utilized to follow their telephones.

SIM Card change notifier: The SIM card tracker watches your objective’s telephone number, basically. In the event that they change their SIM card and telephone number, you will be told right away.

View area history: ClickFree offers you to see the individual’s area history. You will be able to view all the addresses visited by your objective person, alongside the topographical directions. This data will be nailed to a virtual guide.

3D street view: With the 3D road view, ClickFree offers an approach to investigate the spots your objective has visited. This 3D road view is the one that Google uses.

What makes ClickFree the Best?

Over a million people put their confidence in ClickFree to keep their youngsters safe and to screen their organizations. The application is utilized in 190+ nations around the world. You get a variety of area following highlights at absolute low prices.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking needed

Different arrangements that discover somebody’s location by telephone number need you to either root or jailbreak the objective gadget first. These processes aren’t good for the device. They can cause viruses and void the gadget guarantee.

Luckily, you can utilize ClickFree to follow a telephone without either of such processes.

Everybody can utilize ClickFree

As a mobile phone tracker, ClickFree is anything but difficult to introduce. You can do it from any telephone or PC internet browser. The application additionally has a straightforward interface. Somebody with even no tech information can utilize the application.

ClickFree is secretive

You can screen anybody’s action with ClickFree secretively. The iOS form of ClickFree is an electronic application. It doesn’t work with the telephone straightforwardly and can’t be recognized. The Android rendition of ClickFree works covered up, without the client’s attention.

Track Someone’s Area Remotely and Secretly

ClickFree has amazing tracking solutions for both Android as well as iOS devices so if your objective owns one of these, ClickFree is just the perfect one to track them.

For iOS devices

For iOS gadgets, you can follow the objective gadget completely remotely. ClickFree for iOS is a remote, online application. It matches up with the objective’s iCloud record to present to you the gadget’s live area.

Since there are no product downloads included, the application is untraceable. You need the objective’s iCloud accreditations to utilize ClickFree. You can utilize ClickFree remotely to follow the objective’s movement from your PC or cell phone program.

For Android devices

The Android variant of ClickFree is a little application. You should quickly genuinely get to the objective’s gadget and afterward introduce the application on it. This procedure is exceptionally simple and takes under 5 minutes.

When you have ClickFree for Android introduced, you can conceal it. The application runs out of sight without easing back the client’s telephone down or depleting the battery. You can follow their area remotely from any internet browser covertly.

ClickFree can be set up in a few minutes

Setting up ClickFree is just a piece of cake. You can do it in under 5 minutes with your cell phone or PC. Try not to stress; you needn’t bother with any propelled specialized abilities.

Step 1: Signup or get a ClickFree account for yourself first. You can utilize your email ID for the username.

How to Find Someone’s Location

From that point forward, buy a month to month ClickFree membership, contingent upon your objective stage and the number of gadgets you need to follow. You can follow a solitary gadget with the Premium form of ClickFree. To follow numerous gadgets, use Family.

Step 2: Installation guidelines will be sent to you on the email you gave. For the iOS variant of ClickFree, you should include the objective gadget’s iCloud accreditations. A while later, ClickFree will adjust to the iCloud account shortly.

How to Find Someone’s Location

For following the Android gadgets, you need physical access to the gadget for 5 minutes. Introduce a 2MB application on the objective gadget. After the establishment is done, you can stow away the application. At that point, hang tight for ClickFree to match up with the gadget.

Step 3: That’s the long and short of it! ClickFree will presently begin following the objective. You can get to the dashboard from any PC or mobile. Here, you get a review of the gadget’s action. On the off chance that you need to follow the area, click on the “SIM Card” choice to one side.

How to Find Someone’s Location


So, now you have seen that ClickFree is the ultimate best choice for tracking someone’s live location. You will have a wonderful experience using it.


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