TOP 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Cryptocurrency market develops rapidly and, of course, Ukrainian business participates actively in this development. You can see that the number of platforms, providing the ability to work with cryptocurrency assets, grows every day.

In this situation it is very important to choose cryptocurrency exchange wisely, so it will meet your expectations. What should be taken into account while choosing cryptocurrency exchange? These should be such criteria as:

  • Exchange reliability rating. You can easily find this factor on the internet.
  • How many different cryptocurrencies are supported.
  • Can you trade fiat currency?
  • Can you use your bank card?
  • What are the funds withdrawal conditions?
  • What fees are applied to different operations.

Also, let’s add such important aspects as additional trading instruments availability and, that is very important, daily trading volumes for current exchange. Don’t forget to pay attention to how exchanges keep clients’ assets.

As you can see, there are a lot of different criteria to choosetop crypto exchange. To allow you to avoid wasting your precious time searching for a reliable service provider we can suggest you the below list of TOP 5 crypto exchanges from the Ukrainian market.


This cryptocurrency exchange is the worldwide leader of TOP cryptocurrency exchanges. Users are attracted not only by the intuitive multi-language interface but also by the impressive amount of available trading pairs that are supported with various trading instruments to trade different currencies. Binance offers such formats as spot and even futures trading, deposits, stacking, P2P.


This relatively young Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange operates at least 100 cryptocurrencies. WhiteBIT offers profitable smart-stacking that allows it to gain up to 45%.  Client’s are provided with a convenient interface with easy to understand infographics and various functions, such as take-profit and stop-loss.


This relatively young cryptocurrency exchange offers the user the demo account to test strategy without risking your investments. In Okex portfolio you will find variety of different instruments from margin mode to crypto loans.

Huobi Global

Company grants the highest security level for the client’s assets. Huobi Global offers fiat money exchange, futures, leverage trading and also stacking – mining alternatives.


KuCoin exchange offers withdrawal of funds up to 5 BTC for unregistered users. After successful verification users can withdraw up to 200 BTC to a bank card. Also futures and stacking are available.

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