5 Best Tracking Apps to Tracks a Cell Phone Location Without them Knowing

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To track the location one way in old dramas was to follow the people and if lucky get the information about their hideouts. With the development of modern technology, you can track the location of the person from million miles away. One thing a person always has is his mobile phone and mobile phones have the feature of GPS location. By getting the benefit from this feature now you can track the location all the way till the end of your office.

Many online spying applications use this method of tracking with the help of GPS and provide solid information without putting you in danger. In this article, you will become aware of the top five applications you can use for this purpose without any hassle.



Minspy is the amazing cell phone location tracker that can track the location of your employee if you are suspecting that he is slacking off and is roaming around somewhere else during office hours. You can collect the evidence against him and then can confront him to tackle the situation.

Minspy is considered the best app for tracking the cell phone location and it is not only said by us but it has been agreed by the classic platforms like BBC, The New York Times, Newsweek, and PC World. It works on any device you are using and you can track the location even when you are traveling.

You can open the panel of the Minspy from any web browser by using your laptop or mobile phone and there you will see the last locations visited the current location, and much more. With its geofencing feature, it allows you to mark some red zones so that you will be immediately notified of the entry of that target mobile phone in that location.

What makes Minspy the top list application?

Minspy is economical and it provides all the services with easy to handle technology bundles. Minspy does not demand any master-level technical knowledge for tracking the location. Minspy has many other features like Minspy’s call tracing and text messages hacking services makes it much easier to know the true intentions behind the frequent visits to odd locations.

Apart from this Minspy has the sim card hacking feature and you can know about the important dates marked in the Google calendar to get an idea of what is being cooked behind the scenes. Minspy users are not vulnerable to legal problems so it increases its credibility. It works in hidden mode and never makes you suspicious.


How to track the cell phone location with Minspy

Step 1: The first step in tracking any mobile phone is to visit the official website of Minspy and from there try to free its cell phone tracking facilities. You must have an account on its official site by registering yourself. For this, you have to enter the password and the email address into the fields given.


Step 2: After signing up you have to select the device because Minspy can hack booth the android and the iPhone devices.


After this you can proceed to pay for the plan you are choosing for example if the device you are hacking is only one in number premium version will do the task but for multiple devices, you need the family version to hack all the devices at the same time.

Step 3: If the device is an iPhone you want to track, you can track it by merging its iCloud server with the Minspy account. To accomplish this you need to know the iCloud credentials of the phone and after that, you have to enter them in the fields. It will take a few minutes and all the data of an iPhone will be within your reach.


In the case of android there is one thing you have to do, that is to install the application of Minspy in the target device. After installation, there is the choice of hiding the app and the cherry to the cake is that there will be no trace of installing the app. It works without taking much space or using any battery. After finishing the process of installing the application you can start hacking by clicking on the start button.


Step 4: After finishing installation, go to your computer and open your account on Minspy. A dashboard with a selection panel on the left will open. Here you can choose any category you want to spy on. To track the location click on the location tracking option and all the data regarding the current and recently visited location will appear in front of you.



Spyier is the second-best option for your hack location by hacking the cell phone. It has a wide range of features and the best thing is that it will safeguard the personal data from being leaked out. None of the data is saved on any server so there is no need to worry about putting the data of your loved ones at stake if you are tracking the location of your children or spouse.


Spyine has the qualities of an old classic English movie detective because it works from the shadows and snatches all the information before the target could even blink his eyes. This is best companion if you are suspecting your spouse of cheating and spending time at your best friend’s home. You can put that location on the no go zones list and you will immediately be notified of the breach of the fence.


Spyic is not suitable for call tracing but you can definitely use it to find out the locations your dear one has visited. Spyic may not have all the features of the above apps but it is trustworthy and will never put you down.


Cocospy is one of the best parenteral hacking apps used to keep track of the locations your child has been to. It is important to keep the children from certain locations like bars and clubs before reaching the age of maturity. Cocospy is the best option you have for this purpose.


Now you have all the information about the top five applications available for you to track the location of any device. You can keep an eye on your dear ones without disturbing your bust schedule. You have to give Minspy a try and its cool feature will leave you in awe of its top notch secret services.


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