How To Implement Customer Loyalty Program Into Gas Station Business

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Almost every gas station has long ceased to be a place where people come exclusively for fuel. It provides a range of services and goods in addition to refueling. The modern stations offer car washes and tire changes, while the shop sells automotive products, drinks, and snacks.

This approach and the variety of products have become the reason for the gas station loyalty programs introduction. Refueling is a mandatory procedure for every driver and fuel payment app and participation in the loyalty program help to motivate him/her to return to a specific gas station and buy more.

Loyal customers of gas stations

There is very high competition for a client in the gas station business and each brand tries to create the most comfortable conditions for customers. In big cities, the drivers always have a choice of several large stretches and small gas stations. Consumers are accustomed to loyalty programs, bonuses, discounts, cashback in stores/markets and gas stations are no exception.

They usually offer a bonus system due to which the user receives points, later can exchange them for real financial reward, and spend it on goods or gasoline. Such stations do their best to retain customers, as they develop the service/assortment and think over the mechanics of rewarding.

What loyalty program to introduce at gas stations?

We have collected 6 tips for those who plan to implement a loyalty program at gas stations:

Accumulation system

Most gas stations choose a system with bonuses that can be exchanged for currency. This has formed a kind of habit among drivers. Such a system helps to tie gas stations, coffee purchases, and tire inflation into one category. If you want to implement a different format of LP, make sure that clients understand how it works.

Convenient application

The digital software allows users to track the balance of points, and their status, and participate in promotions. The ecommerce platform is an additional communication channel that helps to increase customer loyalty and reputation. Also, through the application, You can notify participants about special offers and conduct surveys via the developed mobile solution. Of course, it’s easy to get all these advantages due to the innovative developer.

Visit the website and check out all the specifications of cooperation with Walletfactory Company. The organization will do its best to quickly and easily implement a secure and reliable product, fully adjusted to the customer’s needs.

Welcome bonus

Offer perks to motivate customers to join your loyalty program. They can be material: a discount on a purchase, a free car wash, and registration gifts; or intangible: elevated status for a long period.

Promotions for clients

Don’t limit yourself to bonuses and surprises. An additional motivation is needed to increase the level of loyalty of gas station customers. These can be event promotions – holidays, internal events, or scheduled promotions.

Easy interaction with the app

Car owners are often in a hurry and do not have time to fill out full-fledged questionnaires. A name and a contact phone number will be enough for initial registration. Ask the customer to fill in the missing details the next time they sign in to the app.

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