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Fax machines have been once the primary modes of communiqué and have been regarded as the best office equipment. Meanwhile, they appeared as lavish workplace equipment for all kinds of information transfer. But, with the advent of present-day technology, fax machines are actually rare to be seen and their use is limited simply to the office or expert use.

Fax machines are instead hard to be sorted. They want an area to be kept and several other formalities to be administered nicely. Consequently, CocoFax is there for you so you can send a fax over the internet.

CocoFax is a reputed name in the race of free online fax. This software is privileged for facilitating the clients as it can operate on any operating system. CocoFax is a free fax software for windows 10 that aids you in sending or receiving a fax.

CocoFax is an excessively recognized and highly reputed brand that assists you in sending or receiving fax over an internet connection. That is the successor of all other fax competent and reliable softwares bestows advanced and extra solid capabilities. But, this facility is furnished to the customers through a 30-day unfastened trial.

CocoFax is a reliable online fax service that has been featured in many big outlets, such as PC World, Forbes, CNET, Tech Advisor, Life Wire and more. You can clearly guess that Google Fax is a renowned and reputed brand that is being used all around the world for its authenticity. To test the remarkable services we provide, visit CocoFax official website so you can always keep a check on the brilliant features of CocoFax.

Features of CocoFax

CocoFax is an enormously advanced and successful software program that lets you to fax out of your pc with nearly none trouble. Lamentably, using the traditional fax system can purpose a whole lot of troubles and issues which can motive obstacle. There are numerous issues that stand up out of nowhere and stop your ordinary office pace.

To deal with such problems highly, you want a successful and dependable fax software program that could clear up all the problems that could facilitate you and simplify yours at some point of paintings hours. 

CocoFax is available and available with terrific cool abilities that make it stands glad about the opposition in the market. After you rent this real fax software on your every day’s fax goals, you in no manner will fear longer the vintage fax issues that constrained you in the past times!

cocofax features

What Makes it Stand Out

Free Fax Numbers

CocoFax is famed for bestowing us with fax numbers which might be allotted by the software itself. The fax variety is like an identity manifesto that can be used at all of the time to send or get hold of fax with none obstacle.

cocofax features


CocoFax ensures and guarantees that all of your demands are met and you’re given the satisfactory running answer viable. CocoFax affords the maximum successful and unrestrained offerings that encompass operating device accessibility and technologies.


CocoFax prioritizes customer satisfaction and ensures to ease all your troubles which could stop you from a clean and tidy fax usage. Our profession stands surely dependable and is supported with the aid of tens of millions of humans around the globe. The fax delivers a report that is truly encrypted and is genuinely protected from any out of door assaults like privacy invasion or unethical hacking.

cocofax features

Secure Service And Structure

CocoFax is assumed to be in reality, protected and guarded in competition to the issues which can be normally faced in any fax device utilization. The advanced fax employs a whole safety protocol with belief and makes sure that your data is stored secure and sound from any character, business enterprise or corporation.

cocofax features

The Process Of Sending Fax

Step 1: Register Details

CocoFax allows you to access a 30-day trial for zero expenditure. This superior service can be used for 30 days to ensure that the services that we provide are available for a variety of clients. 

This rather restricted trial is furnished to the G-mail that has been provided to you. Consequently, retaining your G-mail confidential and private is the essential thing to shield.

cocofax features

Step 2: Provide Access To G-mail

CocoFax begins working the instant while you deliver your G-Mail to be dealt with in no time. Your identity is faced with the useful resource of the protection and is registered for your non-public account on CocoFax. Our brilliant software application at once enrolls the modern-day member and starts off presenting the exceptional services in a rapid manner.

Step 3: Setup process

In the ‘To’ field where you normally enter the email address of the person who receives fax, you will have to enter their fax number followed by ‘’. For example, if their fax number is ‘123456’, you will need to input:””.

Step 4: Finishing

The instant you click on the ‘send’ box, CocoFax gets an internet-first copy of your fax and will forward it to the fax number of the recipient you allowed to offer access for your new fax account rapidly. This procedure is easy but, it requires unique care as few individuals need to take delivery of quick fax and clean and are allowed admission to. Privacy and Secrecy desire to be tolerated in order to make protection positive in your new online fax revel.

Receiving the Fax on Windows 10

Receiving is distinctly much less difficult and specifically rapid because of the fact that it does now not consume time or wastes it slowly. CocoFax welcomes the receiving fax mails to facilitate the recipient. Please allocate the quantity to the entrusted persons on contacts to guarantee protection. The especially vital detail with regards to receiving fax is acquiring the fax unique fax number. As soon as obtained, experience our best offerings!

Devour on our relentless and free trial to experience the best online fax services right from your PC!


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