What is e-wallet and how it works?

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Since payment industry is actively growing there’s a need not just in new payment methods, but in system which can give you access to all at them at once. E-wallet is a good digital solution for that. It has multiple advantages both for business and customers. And using white label product of this kind you get flexible software personalized in accordance with the needs of your brand.

A good example of white label soft is mWallet, developed by Wallet Factory Company. It is customized to suit certain brand (that’s why it’s called ‘white label’). So such e-wallet turns into safe and easy digital payment tool which will increase your clients’ loyalty.

How does it work?

This e wallet is quite convenient for different financial organizations, their clients and partners. When you want to have a digital wallet which will be branded for your organization – just contact the developing company, clarify your demands and pay for ready-to-use app.

If you want to use it as a customer everything is even easier for you. Download mobile wallet to your smartphone and get your own non-banking payment application. And that’s not all the functions of e-wallet.

What can e-wallet give to you?

Digital wallet’s payment software suits all the most popular platforms. So you can use it whatever platform you have at your smartphone. White-label tool has some more useful functions and qualities which you get at a lower cost than with a set of different applications. Let’s look through them carefully.

  • One of the main distinctive features of e-wallets as online prepaid accounts with functions like financial transaction or money storage, is that they are fast, easy and safe.
  • The digital wallet can be implemented into your website. In this case it’s not just provides you with payment methods but collects / analyses your customers’ behavior. Wallet helps you to work with clients’ loyalty (by sending them proper notifications about special offers etc.). Geolocation, favourites, preferred payment methods – all this info gives new opportunities to your interaction with customers.
  • Such app guarantees your customers and partners a multilevel protection of their payments and financial data. So it’s much safer than a traditional wallet with cash, which can be stolen, and credit cards’ accounts which can be wrung dry by a crook.
  • E-wallet can be used for organizing rewards programs.
  • White label apps of that kind helps to organize your finances. It makes clearer all the expenses, withdrawals and income.
  • This soft helps you to combine web wallets, mobile money, bank accounts, and even cryptocurrency.

Applications like wallet influence the payment industry, they make it develop faster and become more convenient for all participants of the process. So the benefit of using such software is undeniable. And it’s your turn to experience the opportunities it brings. More information about digital wallet here – https://walletfactory.com/en-vn/mwallet/digital-wallet-pre-paid-ewallet

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Tien Minh

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