Business Use of Virtual Number

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If you are running your business for some time, you have probably heard about virtual numbers and IP telephony. However, you still do not understand what these concepts are and why they are necessary.

Our article will help you to figure out what virtual numbers are and point out the benefits of virtual telephony for business purposes. For more information, visit

What Is a Virtual Number, and How Does It Work?

A virtual number, or online phone, is a service provided by various telephone providers. To put it simply, it is an ordinary phone that uses many channels for voice communication.

How Does It Operate?

In IP telephony, data transmission goes exclusively through the Internet, but there are also cases when you can use virtual numbers without the Internet if you set up forwarding from online to fixed and mobile devices.

Basic principles of virtual phone numbers:

  1. An incoming or outgoing call goes to the provider, which carries IP telephony services.
  2. Then, the call is processed, and in seconds, it is redirected to the main server of the virtual station.
  3. After processing, the call goes to a virtual number in the case of an incoming call. If it is an outgoing call, you just get to the recipient for voice communication.   

Advantages of a Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number has many advantages, but we want to highlight the main ones:

  • When your business moves, you don’t have to worry about transferring all communications.
  • IP telephony combines all your company’s existing numbers into one and distributes the load to your employees, depending on the scenarios you set.
  • It guarantees convenient, fast, and reliable communication between employees within the organization.
  • Such numbers are fully customizable. You can set voice greetings and menus.
  • You can record and listen to conversations, analyze call statistics, and much more.

Since virtual numbers are fully customizable, depending on your preferences, the phone call can be routed to any desired device. The priority may depend on various factors: the call may go to the first available manager or the one who received fewer calls.

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